back in freezing cold & snow covered switzerland!


This is the homepage from Mario and Mirko who spend their 5th semester not in freezing cold Switzerland but in sunny San Diego! With this page we hope to keep our families, friends and everybody else who might be interested how we are doing up to date.


home again

the adventure is over. on wednesday morning, 16th of february, we landed save in switzerland. there is no sea anymore, the sky is grey instead of blue and the white stuff on the ground is not sand anymore...
we hope you all enjoyed to visit this page from time to time. thanks for all the comments to the photos and the guestbook entries. it is nice to see our friends at home again but we also hope to stay in contact with the nice people we met in san diego.


Last update:

2005-02-23    the last photos are here...
2005-02-05    newsletter & photos from carneval...
2005-02-02    more photos from mexico
2005-01-26    photos from mexico
2005-01-11    new photos & msn contacts
2004-12-22    new photos & newsletter
2004-12-03    new design & new photos