contact information


(for people in switzerland: please keep in mind that our time is 9 hours behind swiss time!!
e.g. 1pm in switzerland is 4am in our place. [felix, please remember!!!])



        Mirko: mir_q@gmx.net
         Mario: flory@rohan.sdsu.edu


Apartment Phone

        We do not have an apartment anymore :-(


Cellular Phone (Now we know that we even get charged for INCOMING calls!! :-( ):

        Mirko and Mario: +1 619 337 5128 (it is very likely that this number does not work anymore after january 12th)
        Mario (only SMS): +41 79 666 5115


Our Address:

        We are homeless at the moment, so if you want to write us something longer than a SMS you will have to use email...


"Skype" Internet Phone:

There is a wonderful tool named "Skype" which allows to make phone calls from one Computer running a little software to another. If both sides use "skype", the service is absolutely free. It it easy to install, runs under Windows and Linux, it works even behind routers and firewalls. It can be downloaded at www.skype.com

Es gibt ein tolles Freeware-Tool "Skype", welches ähnlich dem MSN Messenger erlaubt, Nachrichten auszutauschen und sogar zu telephonieren. Es funktioniert wunderbar unter Linux und Windows, auch über Router und Firewalls. Herunterladen kann man das Wunderding unter www.skype.com

Our Skype-Contacts are:
Mirko: "mir__q" (double underline!)
Mario: "marioflory" (a lot easier :-) )



MSN Messenger:

        mirko:    mir_q@gmx.net
        mario:    mare@ayianapa.com